BlackBerry May be Testing Two New Devices Codenamed Victoria and Visa

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Looks like BlackBerry is working on two new devices.  Codenamed Visa and Victoria, they may have great keyboards.

BlackBerry is launching their Passport later this year. This device will have a brand new 3 row keyboard. While there is a great deal of hype surrounding the Passport, it is still early to predict what users will think about it. Meanwhile word is that BlackBerry is already working to take that design even further. BlackBerry has reportedly filed some patents. However, you can’t give these patents much weight. After all, BlackBerry files dozens of patents everyday and also has a dedicated division to handle them. However, when device code names appear in patent applications, you can assume that BlackBerry is up to something.

The patent under discussion shows a 3 row keyboard. BlackBerry simply describes it as a keyboard which can be hidden or tucked away. One possibility is that they are referring to a slider form factor or maybe a hybrid design of some kind.

The keyboard part is designed to move between a non-deployed position and a deployed position. The cover which pivotally connects to the housing is designed to partially hide the keyboard when it is in its non-deployed position. It will reveal the keyboard when the keyboard part is in its deployed position. The cover is designed to move the keyboard between its deployed and non-deployed position.

The patent applications mention two code names – Victoria and Visa. Some of you will probably want to joke about Passports and Visas, but that is entirely up to you guys. According to leaked info, the devices will have an all-touch 5.5 inch screen. The LCD display is likely to have a 1440 pixels resolution. The handsets are likely to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB processor. Of course, none of these are official specifications, still they are worth mentioning because info scraped from existing operating systems are unlikely to be totally false.

So right now we have got some specifications, some code names and some patent applications. All of these seem to go well with previous rumors that suggest that BlackBerry may be testing these magical devices. According to Ofutur, who discovered this information on the website of the US patent office, there are some timelines as well. He claims that these devices are likely to be launched in the second quarter of 2015.

Victoria and Visa


It is still too early to predict whether these rumors are plausible or believable, but it looks like they are. It is certainly safe to believe that BlackBerry is experimenting with more Passport like phones. But they are unlikely to launch any of these devices before they actually get to see how Passport will fare in the market. If it is received well, we may see a deluge of similar devices sporting exotic names like Victoria and Visa.

The BlackBerry Passport is an interesting device that will reportedly launch on September 24 in Toronto, Dubai and London. It has a 4.5 inch IPS LCD display. The device is expected to give tough competition to the likes of iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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