Is It Time To Trade Your Laptops For Smartphones?

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Nowadays, most people own a smartphone. Chances are you are reading this article on your mobile device. This was a relatively uncommon phenomenon 8 or 10 years ago. While mobile phones have been around for quite some time, smartphones are relatively new devices. Still, they enjoy unrivalled popularity. In fact, 1.75 billion people own smartphones today. This is a mind boggling figure. Even those who swear by their desktops are getting lured by the convenience offered by the smartphones but that is not surprising. Today’s smartphones are more powerful than yesterday’s desktop computers. Most of them also offer all day long battery life. They make it possible for you to carry your work with you.

Mobile technology advanced rapidly during the last few years and caused a decline in the sale of computers. The biggest advantage of mobile devices is their portability. They fit inside your pockets and hence you can easily carry them around.

Businesses are exploring all possible ways to make their employees more productive. Consequently they want to leverage the mobility offered by smartphones. By equipping their employees with the latest smartphones, they can ensure that their employees are constantly reachable. Does that mean that people are ready to replace their laptops?

The advantages of Mobility

When a business creates a workplace which goes beyond the four walls of its office, it can benefit in several ways. In fact, businesses that embrace mobility have reduced overhead costs. They can also draw from an international talent pool. This increases their productivity and keeps their workforce happy. In addition, when people connect with one another using technology, they are also doing a service to the environment. For example, video conferencing tools reduce the need to travel. This decreases the carbon footprint of the organization. Still, many organizations are unwilling to trade their desktops and laptops for smartphones.

Blackberry Z10 Smartphone in use

Taking the Plunge

If your organization provides time-sensitive services, offering mobile access to your services can be crucial. If your service is down for even a matter of seconds, people won’t get the emergency help they need. And this can result in the loss of lives. If you operate in this realm, it is imperative that you embrace mobile technology.

Here is a case study. Novacom Wireless Communications makes it possible for people in distress to get in touch with emergency services. They maintain a 911 network and have a company representative on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These systems are complex and require input from several technicians. Needless to say, they need a reliable phone that they can use to get in touch with their team and support their multitasking requirements while they troubleshoot the issues. That is why they chose BlackBerry.

Embrace mobility with BlackBerry

BlackBerry provides all services that Novacom requires to be successful. It ensures that everything that they need to get their work done is right in their palms. This even eliminates the need to use the laptop. Also using BlackBerry they can conduct meetings over BBM Video.

BlackBerry provides fast and accurate solutions to businesses. This allows them to meet their challenges in the most efficient manner.

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