Must-have Features of a Next Gen Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

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An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution should be able to increase your productivity dramatically. It must also allow your organization to innovate and increase your profits. These are just some of the benefits businesses expect to derive from future developments in enterprise mobility as far as Blackberry is concerned. However, the actual realization of these ambitions depends on several factors. This also includes a rethinking of the existing procedures, roles, and practices.

The biggest problem that many organizations face is an inability to evolve their existing EMM platform. They are still grappling with the mobile device management solutions that adopted several years ago. However, the technical landscape has changed dramatically. If you really want to reap the benefits of enterprise mobility, you will no longer be able to count on these MDMs.

What the future holds

To achieve the goal of workforce mobilization, you need an EMM solution that can meet today’s challenges.


The platform should provide easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use self-management capabilities that will allow end users to take charge of several mobile management chores. Self-management solutions reduce the burden on the IT department. They also appeal to users who are anxious about handing over their personal phones or tablets to their IT staff.

Users should at least be able to perform basic but vital device management chores. For example, they should be able to erase data if a tablet or smartphone gets lost.


The next-gen EMM platform should provide dashboards that allow administrators to automate multiple functions and change the look of the interface. In addition, they have to be tightly integrated with enterprise directories. This will make it easier for the IT department to ensure that all employees are equipped with the right applications.

Contextual Management

Enterprise mobility management is all about ensuring that the right people have the right information when they need it the most.

One of the basic requirements of a next gen EMM solution is its ability to create policies that depend on the context. For example, it should be able to enable a device’s GPS or camera to work or not work during certain specified hours.

Nowadays most workers use multiple devices. The EMM platform should be able to find the right connectivity, policies and applications for each of these devices.


A lot of analysts believe that in the near future, we will be flooded with a wave of new consumer oriented computing devices. This could include connected eyeglasses and watches. The evolving technology may eventually bring millions of new devices to the enterprise. The next gen EMM should be able to accommodate all of these.

In addition, the cost must not be prohibitive. To cut the cost of in-house installation, the EMM platform should be able to support tens of thousands of devices per server. It should eventually be able to handle up to a million devices.

Security is as important as productivity. The focus on productivity might give the false impression that enterprise security has become less of a priority. Far from it.The need for security will only increase as mobile devices begin to store apps and content crucial to the financial health of the organizations.

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