How to Copy Data from an Old BB OS Phone to a New BB 10 Phone

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Using BlackBerry Link, you can easily switch from your old BB OS phone to your new BB 10 device. This method is both speedy and hassle-free.

Besides helping you switch your data, BlackBerry Link will allow you to manage your videos, music and files. In addition, you can update your phone software, synchronize your data and back up your BB 10 smartphone.

Note that data that was synchronized with an online service like Hotmail or Gmail won’t be migrated. In addition, any records that you synchronize with BES will not be transferred. Only data locally stored on your phone will be moved. To migrate the missing records, you will have to add the email ID you used to synchronize the data.

Here is how to perform the migration

Download the BlackBerry Link from the BlackBerry Link site and install it on your computer. The BlackBerry Link is available for both Mac and PC.

After installing the BlackBerry Link, open it and connect your BB OS device. When the link detects your device, click ‘Transfer Device Data’. Now you will get to see a summary of data that will be copied to the new phone.

Review this information and click Next to copy data from your BB OS device.

Get your new device ready

As you are moving data from an old BB OS phone to a new BB 10 phone, you have to use a micro SIM card. You can get the right kind of SIM card from your wireless provider if you haven’t got one already.

Insert the new SIM card and complete the setup. Now you have to login to your BB 10 device using the same BlackBerry ID.

At this point you will be able to set up your social networking and email accounts.

Connect your new phone

After completing the set-up wizard on your BB 10 device and adding your social media and email accounts, you have to disconnect the old phone, and then connect the new BB 10 smartphone.

When the new device appears, click on it and then specify a name and click Next. Data saved from the old device will be copied to the new device now.

BlackBerry Link

Secure your new phone

After setting up your social and email accounts and transferring data from the old device to the new device, set a password for the new device. This will prevent others from accessing your device if you leave it unattended.

Here is how to set a password.

  • Swipe down from the top of the display.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ -> ‘Security and Privacy’
  • Tap ‘Device Password’ and set it On.

Your password should ideally comprise numbers and characters. Enter the password twice.

Now that you have secured your device with a password, the next step is to turn on ‘BlackBerry Protect’. This will save you a great deal of time and trouble if you misplace your phone. The BlackBerry Protect will help you find your lost BB 10 smartphone.

After moving the data from your old phone to your new phone, don’t forget to wipe off the data on the old device.

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