BlackBerry Hires Gyro to Lead its Campaign for the Passport

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BlackBerry has hired marketing agency gyro to oversee the promotional campaigns for its latest smartphone the Passport. You have probably already noticed that more marketing materials are coming from BlackBerry recently.

Close on the heels of the launch of its Passport, BlackBerry has released several new videos, images and new slogans. The company is also experimenting with new ad placements.

Fans and supporters of BlackBerry have always asked for more marketing muscle from the company. And BlackBerry has finally listened to them and hired B2B marketing company gyro to help them rebuild the brand.

It is a well-known fact that BlackBerry has been dealing with a lot of negative press. Some media houses with vexed interests are trying every trick in the book to kill the BlackBerry brand name.

Gyro is responsible for promoting the BlackBerry Passport across the world. This is the first handset the company launched after John Chen took over as CEO. The Passport has received rave reviews and BlackBerry has already sold more than 200,000 units.

Gyro is also responsible for communicating BlackBerry’s new focus on services and enterprise software. Christoph Becker, who is the CEO of gyro, termed this task of re-building the brand as ‘any advertiser’s dream’. The marketing campaign for Passport is dubbed ‘Work Wide,’. It emphasize on Passport’s broad display which is built for making reading and editing emails and spreadsheets easier. The campaign also focuses on the declaration that the Passport is more secure than any other smartphone.

The message is simple. If you are not looking for a device that can help you do some serious business you can opt for any other phone. But the Passport is the best if you want to get your job done while you are on the go.  Mr. Becker emphasized that the campaign is not aimed at encouraging people to give up their consumer’s smartphones; People can have their iPhones for play and the Passport for work.

BlackBerry is not promoting the Passport as a device that can help people kill time. Rather it is built for helping them make the most of it. That is the difference. The campaign also focuses on this aspect.

bb hires gyro

Apple and Samsung are the reigning kings in the consumer smartphone area and by launching the Passport BlackBerry is not competing with them. Mr. Becker clearly states that they are not fighting with the likes of Apple.

This isn’t about launching a new brand; it is about bringing an entire organization back, he said. There is no denying the fact that BlackBerry’s brand image has taken a beating over the last few years. But it is still a trusted and valuable name. BlackBerry continues to have a loyal fan base. But in the past, the company made no real attempt at pushing its brand out there. Now BlackBerry has realized that they should fight back and spend more money on advertising. The hiring of Gyro is the best example of this. Unlike some other companies in this sector, BlackBerry didn’t believe in blowing their own trumpet. The company just let things roll on, but now they have also realized the need to promote their products actively.

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