How BB Passport Helps People Make the Most of Their Time Rather Than Kill It

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When the first photos of the BlackBerry Passport started showing up online many folks thought that BlackBerry was crazy. They couldn’t comprehend the reasoning behind launching a device that sports a square frame. The Passport is different and many people thought that there was no market for a device like this.

After a while, however, many of them had a change of mind and started appreciating its unique design that easily makes the device stand out from the rest. The Passport has started shipping and BlackBerry has already sold more than 200,000 units. The huge success of the Passport has certainly silenced critics.

So, what was BlackBerry thinking when they decided to launch this product? Well, the answer comes from none other than CEO John Chen.

Now that BlackBerry is basking in the glory of Passport, John Chen must be a proud man. He is but he doesn’t want to take credit for the Passport. He has no qualms to admit that his only contribution to the building of the Passport is that he did not kill it.

In an editorial he wrote about the Passport, John explained who the device is built for and why it is innovative. John Chen admitted that the Passport is different. He also noted how some people had written off the device by calling it weird and saying that it is not an iPhone killer.

Why did BlackBerry launch the Passport then?

Chen says that they do not expect to sell a device to everyone. He also admitted that by launching the Passport they weren’t hoping to win the patronage of people who enjoy playing games on their iPhone. When they were working on the Passport, BlackBerry’s only concern was building a device that would cater to the needs of the mobile professional. These are the people who rely on their handset to get their job done. Chen reiterated the fact that most smartphones are designed for helping people kill time rather than increasing their productivity. BlackBerry thinks differently and the Passport is the best example of this.

BlackBerry Passport

How Passport improves productivity

The Passport focuses on things that truly matter: great battery life, an innovative display and a versatile keyboard. The device supports seamless synchronization of documents and contacts across devices. It is also capable of aggregating all of your messages (text, email and social) into an actionable hub.

Chen knows that the Passport is unlikely to inspire people to line up in front of stores at midnight. But he is also aware that BlackBerry’s audience is interested in the Passport because they understand that it can increase their productivity. Productivity is the number one priority of business users and no other company can beat BlackBerry in this department.

The BlackBerry Passport boasts of powerful hardware and a clever keyboard. The unique features of this device make it great for reading and editing. It runs BlackBerry OS 10.3 which is as good as Android and iOS. Like other BlackBerry devices the Passport is bullish on productivity and shows off BlackBerry’s business-focused mindset.

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