BBM Update for Windows Phone Brings Major Improvements

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The BlackBerry Messenger app for Windows Phone devices has received a major upgrade. It went out of beta a few weeks ago. While the Windows Phone app still lacks some functionalities offered by the iOS and Android apps, this new update has improved the user experience in several ways.

The new update adds several improvements to the notifications. The invite screen has also become better. There are several other additions and changes as well.

Here is a quick overview of the changes included in this update.

Improved notifications

This update will allow users to preview a message outside of BBM. Users can, for example, preview the chat content and details of the sender.

New emoticons

Want to add more personality to your BBM chats? It is now quite possible with the 16 new emoticons added by this update.

Barcode screen

The improved PIN barcode screen will allow you to scan and display barcodes in one place.

New invite screen

The new invite screen comes with BBM contacts suggestions. Users will also be able to view invites they have received and sent. This will certainly make life easier for most users.

BBM Group enhancements

Using this feature, users can invite their contacts to join their BBM Group through SMS and email.

The update also fixes bugs and offers several performance improvements. The latest BlackBerry Messenger update for Windows Phone has also had its version number increased to

The public launch of BBM for Windows Phone devices is expected soon. BBM’s user base grew exponentially since BlackBerry took it cross-platform. Apps for Android and iOS have been available for a few months. A few months ago, BlackBerry also released a beta version of BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone devices. BBM has more than 91 million active users around the globe. The vast majority of them are still on BlackBerry’s own devices. It is true that BBM faces stiff competition from other messaging apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Line and Viber. Nonetheless, it has managed to hold its ground to some extent by offering innovative features.


By going cross platform, BlackBerry hopes to bring more users to BBM. This move will also increase its value. BlackBerry Messenger has been operating as a separate entity ever since BlackBerry took it cross platform. One of the best ways to add value is to make BBM available to more users. Now that BBM is already available for Android and iOS, Windows Phone is the next frontier for BlackBerry.

This update to the beta will speed up the launch date of the final version. BlackBerry says that this update will also play a crucial role in enhancing the experience a first time user will have when they first launch the app. The new update is now available in Windows Phone Store.

BBM’s biggest strength is the security and privacy offered by BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure. BBM allows you to communicate with your friends and family through picture sharing, instant chats and voice notes. It supports one on one, multi-person and BBM Group chats.

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