BES12 Getting Ready for Launch

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BlackBerry has started sending out email notifications to enterprise customers informing them that BES12 is very much on its way.  The next generation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is expected to launch on November 13th.

BES12 will allow government and corporate users to manage rules, restrictions and policies on cellphones used by their staff.

Prior to the launch of its enterprise server, BlackBerry has called out all customers who are frustrated with the bold but baseless claims of other MDM vendors. When BES12 launches they will finally have access to a new set of highly secure mobility tools that are simply designed and flexibly deployed.

BlackBerry has been working on BES12 for the last 2 years. The company has built the system architecture and the user interface with utmost care. Consequently, BlackBerry is confident that the tools that come standard with BES12 will take their customers’ business far forward. The company has gone to the extent of calling its portfolio the advent of new possibilities.

BES12 is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that allows enterprises to manage all of their devices. Previous versions of BlackBerry’s enterprise software required separate versions for managing BB10 devices, legacy BlackBerry devices and Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. When BES12 launches, enterprises will be able to manage all of their devices in one place.

BlackBerry announced BES12 in February. Since then over 3,500 enterprise customers upgraded from BES5 or another platform to BES10 taking advantage of the EZ Pass migration program. BlackBerry has so far issued almost 3.5 million licenses.

BES12 will expand on the previous versions of the enterprise software and open the doors to more operating systems and devices. It is expected to deliver enhanced services to enterprises all over the world irrespective of their size. It will unify BES5 and BES10 to one platform. Also, BlackBerry has launched new promotional campaigns to offer free migration to BES10.

The BES12 architecture is built in such a way that over 80,000 BES customers can migrate forward seamlessly. The new enterprise server allows organizations to build enterprise-class applications which can be deployed to smartphones running BB10 and other operating systems.

The new version will deliver the following capabilities.


BES12 will be compatible with BlackBerry OS devices. It is also future proof. And because of the scalability and flexibility offered by the BES12 architecture, customers will be able to move from their on-premise system to a cloud based system securely and effortlessly.

BlackBerry will also provide the tools required to develop and launch enterprise applications across all platforms.

The BlackBerry EZ Pass program supports free migration from BES or other MDM solutions to BES10. It also comes with a new pricing plan.

The existing version BES10 supports Android, Apple and BlackBerry 10 phones but it does not support older versions of BlackBerry phones. To manage those devices companies have to use the earlier version BES5. Since BES12 is both future proof and backward compatible, organizations will no longer have to deploy multiple servers to manage their devices.

BlackBerry hopes that the wider support will encourage more enterprises to move to BES12. It will also help the company regain some of the ground it has lost over the last 2 years or so.



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    BlackBerry has started sending out email notifications to enterprise customers informing them that BES12 is very much on its way.  The next generation
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