Blackberry Apps This Week

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We discovered some cool new BlackBerry apps this week and thought we would share it with you.

Moka Reader

Moka Reader is an eBook application. It supports several eBook formats including Mobi, DRM free ePub, Text, UMD (text/comic), CHM, Comic (cb7, cbz and cbr), HTML eBooks and FB2 (FBZ). The application has an intuitive interface. Also it supports keyboard shortcuts and pinch to zoom gestures. This app is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices. The biggest downside is the price. Moka Reader runs $6.99. On the bright side, it is packed with features.


The Helioviewer project funded by NASA and ESA offers the visualization of heliospheric and solar data. Helios is essentially an Android port which offers easy access to both archived and current data about these solar projects and experiments. Using this app, you can discover the recent solar events and photos from your BlackBerry device. You can also add your own videos showing various solar phenomena. The images are breathtaking. Helios works with the BlackBerry Z30, Z3, and Z10. You can download it for $1.99.

Magic Chess 3D

This is an extra ordinary 3D chess game. It shows a 3D chess board and the pieces resemble animals and people. There is an inbuilt timer. As a player you will be able to view the pieces from different angles by moving the board. You will also be able to undo your previous move. This is an ad-supported free version; however, the ads don’t cause any distraction and hence you will be able to play without losing your focus. The graphics are decent. Also there is a tutorial if you don’t know the moves.

PicQuiz App Let’s Crash

This is a fun game that will constantly keep you on the alert. The game has just one goal: the player has to control traffic coming from all directions and stop the cars and other vehicles from crashing into one another. It might seem easy, but it isn’t. To prevent a vehicle from crashing, you have to tap on it. This simple move will make the vehicle go faster. If you make several wrong clicks, the game will end sooner.

The graphics are clean and simple. Let’s Crash supports the Z10, Z30, Z3 and the BlackBerry Passport. It is a free game which will keep you entertained for hours.


This application allows you to sort your music collections by folders rather than by the playlist. This is a simple tool that generates quick playlists for your music folders including those in sub-folders. You can decide where you would like to save your playlists. Both free and premium versions are available. Both versions have a nice interface and provide the option to select which music folders to process. The free version has its limitations. For example, if you use the free version, a playlist can’t have more than 20 files. It lacks some other advanced features as well. All of these additional features are included in the premium version which runs just $0.99. Also when you use the premium version, you will be able to sort your playlist using the date or file name.

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    We discovered some cool new BlackBerry apps this week and thought we would share it with you. Moka Reader Moka Reader is an eBook application. It supp
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