BlackBerry Adopts E-commerce in a Big Way

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The rise of e-commerce is one of the biggest phenomena of our times.  Back in 1995, started selling books over the internet. Shortly afterwards, eBay launched its online auctions site and Orbitz began selling plane tickets. Today, you can buy just about anything online.

E-commerce witnessed tremendous growth over the last two decades. It is now big business. Market research firm eMarketer says that B2C sales will hit $1.5 trillion in 2014. And by 2018, e-commerce is expected to touch $500 billion in America. These figures are too big to ignore.

While computers and other consumer electronics products sell well online, few people bother to buy grocery from e-commerce sites. Smartphones, computers and TVs account for almost 22 percent of online sales. eMarketer estimates that by 2018, their sales will reach $108 billion.

When e-commerce was in its infancy, people avoided buying expensive things online. That is no longer the case. Online purchase of luxury products are expected to double over the next five years. Sales of expensive electronics like televisions, tablets and smartphones are also rising fast.

Online is no longer a channel that businesses can ignore especially since consumers are eager to buy over the internet. BlackBerry understands this better than many other smartphone makers. The company has adopted online sales in a big way and it is reaping rich rewards. BlackBerry launched its latest smartphone the Passport almost two months ago. Till date it remains one of the best-selling unlocked smartphones on Reviewers have given this device 4.8/5 stars. The Passport can also be bought from BlackBerry’s own e-commerce portal It can be purchased in black, red or white. At ShopBlackBerry you can also trade your new and old iPhones for hundreds of US dollars towards the purchase of a brand new Passport. You can also pre-order the upcoming BlackBerry Classic.

BlackBerry Adopts E-commerce

By going online, BlackBerry has made itself more agile and efficient. Consumers have different preferences. While some still like to buy from retail stores, others are more interested in purchasing items from the comfort of their home. There are also consumers who would like to buy from carriers. BlackBerry now gives all of them the options they prefer.

By selling its devices online, BlackBerry has also been able to improve the overall consumer experience. For example, they were able to link their e-commerce portal to online help guides, apps and user manuals that allow users to port their data from other cellphones. Online shopping also allows customers to mix and match various phone accessories. Consumers now expect this kind of convenience and BlackBerry is more than willing to offer it.

As BlackBerry gains more experience in e-commerce, they will become much better online merchants. This will allow them to offer even more value to their customers. Right now consumers in North America are the biggest beneficiaries of BlackBerry’s online sales, but BlackBerry plans to expand online sales to other countries as well. By embracing e-commerce, BlackBerry is embracing the future. This will also ensure their viability for several years to come.

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    The rise of e-commerce is one of the biggest phenomena of our times.  Back in 1995, started selling books over the internet. Shortly afterw
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