BlackBerry Wins Two Gold Medals at Best in Biz Awards

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The BlackBerry Z30 won the Consumer Product of the Year award at the Best in Biz Awards 2014 International. But that is not the only ‘Best in Biz’ award BlackBerry won this year. The company’s enterprise server BES10 Hosted also won the Enterprise Service of the Year award. Best in Biz awards matter because they are the only unbiased business awards issued by a panel consisting of industry and press analysts.

What is BES10 Hosted?

BES10 Hosted is a fully scalable solution aimed at enterprises. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can leverage the potential of BES10 Hosted. It allows organizations to enjoy the convenience, flexibility and affordability of outsourced IT management without having to compromise on data security.

BES10 Hosted is ideal for companies that want to cut costs and reduce their spending on in-house IT equipment. It allows businesses to deploy BlackBerry’s reliable and secure enterprise services within their organization.

By the way, now BES12 is also available through BlackBerry’s Enterprise Mobility Marketplace.

BlackBerry Z30 wins Consumer Product of the Year award

The popular BlackBerry Z30 has won yet another award and this time around the recognition came in the form of a Best in Biz Award. The device won the Consumer Product of the Year award in the International category. The panel that announced the award comprised of 27 judges chosen from business, finance, technology and media organizations from 17 countries.

The Z30 is a great device for professionals who want to stay connected and productive all the time. Ron Louks, who is the President of Devices and Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry, said that this award is a victory for BlackBerry’s strategy to build and provide innovative solutions that empower professionals on the go.

The announcement is unlikely to surprise Z30 users. It is unarguably the best BlackBerry that can be bought at the moment. Of course, there is yet another device called the BlackBerry Passport and it is just as good.

The Z30 has a 5 inch Super AMOLED display. It is powered by a 1.7 GHz CPU with quadcore graphics. It has a large 2880mAh battery and is also armed with BlackBerry’s new antenna technology that provides better connectivity in areas where signal strength is low.

Blackberry Z30 angled

The panel selected BlackBerry Z30 as the gold winner in the ‘Consumer Product of the Year’ 2014 category. The device comes equipped with the most trusted and sophisticated end-to-end technology which allows individuals and businesses to enhance their productivity.

The Z30 runs the latest BlackBerry OS. It provides up to twenty-five hours of battery life. It also come pre-loaded with the BlackBerry Priority Hub which is a powerful tool that can store all of your notifications and messages. The Priority Hub allows you to access priority communications instantly. This will help you to stay focused on things that are truly important to you. The BlackBerry Z30 does not have a physical keyboard, but its touchscreen keyboard can rival any physical keyboard in functionality.

Best in Biz Awards honor the best companies, executives, products and teams for their success in business. The winners are selected by a panel of judges consisting of industry and press experts. This year, over 200 private and public companies from different sectors competed in the Best in Biz Awards’ International category.

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