New BlackBerry Apps To Try This Week

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Here are some new apps to try this week!

Phone Tag

Phone Tag is meant for users who would like to keep their work and personal contacts separate. Almost all of us have an address book choke full of phone numbers. While we use some of these numbers almost every day, others are used only once in a while. Nonetheless, we might want to keep those numbers. Using this app, users can tag calls. This action will essentially separate those callers from the contacts app. You will still be able to text, email and call them later. So, for example, if you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, you can tag that number and save it within the application. You will also be able to save the number to the contacts app if that is what you want. This app can be integrated with Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps. It is useful for people who have contacts they don’t want to add to their address book although they would like to stay in touch with them.

Phone tag works on all BB 10 devices. It runs $1.99.

Silent Keys

You probably like the sound of your phone’s keyboard, but there may be times when you do not want to disturb others. This is where this app can help. It is a virtual keyboard that works with devices that have a physical keyboard. While you type using this app, you can eliminate the clicking sound of keystrokes. The application also comes with a brief tutorial for users who don’t quite understand how it works. This app provides emoticon support. It also supports several keyboard shortcuts and languages. The keyboard size can be customized. This is a nice application for devices that have only physical keyboards. It runs $0.99.


This is a minimalistic app that allows you to catch up on news from Reddit and Twitter. The developer is also working on incorporating Instagram, LinkedIn and Feedly into the application. The app has a beautiful layout with gestures and animations. By simply swiping over a tweet, a user can favorite, reply or retweet. This application is priced at $1.99. It is a native BlackBerry 10 app.



Unolingo is a puzzle game that you can download from Amazon’s Appstore. It is called crosswords without clues. You will be shown a 10 x 10 grid without any clues. There are 26 empty boxes that need to be filled in with letters of the alphabet. One letter can be used only once. This is a difficult puzzle. But if you like to be challenged, you will definitely enjoy this game. Unolingo runs $4.99.

Traffic Monitor with Speedtest

Want to monitor the speed of your internet connection? You only have to install this app on your BlackBerry. It is a free app with no ads. It allows users to track the coverage on their device. It can monitor WiFi, 3G and 4G speeds. The app has a simple interface. It is compatible with all BB 10 devices. Give it a try.

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    Here are some new apps to try this week! Phone Tag Phone Tag is meant for users who would like to keep their work and personal contacts separate. Almo
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