BlackBerry Classic: The Best BlackBerry Ever Made

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BlackBerry released its latest smartphone the Classic last week. The device has already received numerous positive reviews.

The Classic helps people rediscover the advantages of a smartphone with a physical keyboard. It has got all the features that you would find in a typical smartphone. It has also got some other features that you wouldn’t find in an Android or iOS phone.

The Classic has a fantastic keyboard, a trackpad and a red notification light. Also, it has got enough power to last 1 or 2 days of intense use.

Malarie Gokey of  DigitalTrends says that the Classic is the right phone for people looking to upgrade their old Bold or Curve. The reviewer is all praise for the keyboard and is quite confident that diehard BlackBerry fans will feel at home with the Classic.

The Classic is one of the biggest hits that BlackBerry delivered in the last few years. It is a great device that allows the company to reconnect with its old fans. It is meant for users who want to keep communicating.

You can comfortably hold and use this device with one hand. It has a rubberized back and stainless steel frame. It weighs 6.24 ounce and feels solid in your hand.

The reviewer at KnowYourMobile feels that this is the handset that diehard BlackBerry fans have been waiting for years. The Classic has traditional BlackBerry looks. It also features a touch sensitive trackpad with which you can select small links from web pages with precision. Like the Passport, the Classic can run Android apps. It also possesses excellent messaging and multi-tasking capabilities. Also it is conservatively priced.

Joana Stern of Wall Street Journal feels that the biggest strengths of the Classic are its call quality and battery life.

David Crow of Financial Times is certain that this is the best phone BlackBerry has produced since the Bold. It has a 3.5 inch touchscreen display and rubberized back that provides nice grip. The display is incredibly good and has no problems with viewing angles. It is also quite responsive to touch.

BlackBerry Classic

Nowadays smartphones are all about touchscreens. That is why most people feel that the Classic and the Passport are a refreshing change. They still possess physical keyboards that make typing a pleasure. At first glance, the Classic looks like its predecessors, but it is armed with more features.  One of the biggest plus points of this device is that its battery can last a very long time.

Chris Hall of Pocket-Lint described the Classic as a device designed to recapture the lost glory of BlackBerry. In his opinion, the Classic feels instantly familiar. The Classic is a great device for customers who would like to upgrade their aging Bold or Curve. And for a professional user, it provides plenty of features that will keep them communicating.

Pricing and Availability

The Classic is now available through ShopBlackBerry and Amazon. The unlocked version runs $449 in the US. Wireless carriers Verizon, AT&T, TELUS, Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility will also offer the device.


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