BlackBerry Launches BBM 2.0 Update for Windows Phone Users

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The non-beta version of the BBM messaging application for Windows Phone devices has been updated to Windows Phone users can download the latest version of BBM from the Windows Phone Store. The update has added several features including sticker support, HD picture transfer and timed messages.

What does the update mean for Windows Phone users?

Plenty of messaging apps are available on the market. What sets BBM apart from the rest are the privacy and security features offered by it. Now that BlackBerry Messenger 2.0 is available for Windows phone, users can share and chat with greater control and privacy over their chats.

The update brings several new features. Here is an overview of the new features introduced by the update.

Access to BBM Shop and BBM Stickers

Windows Phone users no longer have to be content with emoticons. They can now communicate with bolder and larger images. The update allows users to access the BBM Shop. Windows Phone users can now download stickers from the BBM Shop to make their chats more fun.

BBM Stickers make BBM more fun and engaging. Stickers also allow users to personalize their chats with family, friends, partners and colleagues.

Timed Messages

This is another cool new feature introduced by the update. The Timed Messages feature allows you to set a timer. You will be able to control how long a BBM contact can view the pictures and messages you share with him/her. The message will remain hidden till the receiver touches the chat. When the timer terminates or when the recipient takes his hand off the display, the message will become invisible. BBM will send you a notification if it notices that the recipient has captured a screenshot of the message or the picture.

HD Picture transfer

Thanks to this feature you can now get high quality versions of the images in BBM.

BBM for Windows Phone

Message Retraction

After sending a message you discover that you sent it to the wrong person. With the latest BBM update, Windows Phone users can retract their messages. The message can be retracted either before the recipient reads or it or after the recipient has read it. When you retract a message, it will no longer appear in your contact’s BBM chat. You may have shared sensitive information like your credit card number with a contact so that he can book film tickets for you. In such a case, you will definitely not want that information to remain in his BBM chat forever. By simply retracting the message, you can remove this information from his BBM chat.

One of the most popular messaging apps in the world, BlackBerry Messenger has over 85 million active users. Previously only BlackBerry users could use BBM, but now it is also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. After going cross platform BlackBerry Messenger has earned millions of users on these new platforms. If you are a Windows Phone user you should update your BBM to the latest version to enjoy the new features.

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