Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Your BlackBerry 10 Device

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Your BlackBerry 10 device is designed to offer excellent battery life. By making some changes to device settings, you can get even more juice from your smartphone battery. Here are a few tips to make your battery last longer.

Get the latest updates

Whenever BlackBerry launches an update to the OS, install it. This will allow you to take advantage of the optimizations. It will also enhance the battery life.

Battery Saving Mode

Enable Battery Saving Mode. This is a new feature introduced in version 10.3.1 of BlackBerry 10. When your phone is in the battery saving mode, it will have reduced screen brightness. Also CPU performance will be limited.

The Battery Saving Mode will turn on automatically when battery drops to 20%. You can specify a different threshold. Also, you can turn on or off the Battery Saving setting manually.

Review Run in Background/Run When Minimized permissions

When you permit apps to Run When Minimized, they can continue performing tasks even after you minimize them. This will reduce the battery life so you need to check which apps have this permission. You also need to check which applications are allowed to Run in Background. Turn off the permissions on apps that you don’t use frequently to increase your battery life. To review these permissions ‘Tap Settings’ followed by ‘Security and Privacy’ and ‘Application Permissions’. After optionally turning off the permissions for a particular app, you have to restart your phone for the changes to take effect. Device Monitor is a great tool to identify apps which consume a lot of power.

Advanced Interactions

Advanced Interactions is a new feature introduced in version 10.3 of BlackBerry 10 Operating System. It comes with the ‘Flip to Save Power’ feature. This feature will automatically switch off your display when you place it face down on a level surface.

Android Applications

Turn off Android apps when they are not in use because most of them continue to run when the screen is turned off. Minimize the app and then press ‘X’ in the lower right to close it.

BlackBerry Blend

BlackBerry Blend allows you to access your phone using your computer. If you have enabled this feature, close the BlackBerry Blend application on your computer if you don’t need it. This allows you to save power.

Use the ‘Remain Signed In’ option only when it is necessary.


Use Wi-Fi whenever you have access to a hotspot or a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi provides substantial power savings so add hotspots and Wi-Fi networks whenever you find them. If you have enabled Media Sharing, turn it off temporarily to enhance your battery life.

BB 10


BlackBerry 10 devices are designed to use battery efficiently. Still, you should follow these best practices to extend the battery life of your device.

  • Use an official charger provided by BlackBerry
  • Charge for extended periods of time
  • Do not charge in small increments
  • Do not leave the phone in extremely hot or cold temperatures or in direct sunlight.


If you get lots of notifications, you should consider reviewing your notification settings. If your phone vibrates when notifications arrive it will consume more battery. Instead, consider having LED light notifications.

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