BlackBerry Announces BBM Support for Android Wear

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At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, BlackBerry announced that BBM will soon be available as an application for Smartwatches running Android Wear technology. The company has not yet announced a release date.

The BBM app for Smartwatches will allow you to preview and read a message without touching your smartphone. You will also be able to accept invites from people who would like to be your contact on BBM. In addition, you will be able to go through several messages and find the one you were looking for.

So, what is the big deal here? Well, you can perform all of these actions without touching your smartphone. Actually, you can do these things while you are busy doing something else with your hands.

BlackBerry has announced that BBM will be available on a range of Smartwatches powered by Android Wear technology. This technology will allow users to communicate more discretely on the go.

As many as 28 million Smartwatches are expected to ship by 2015. That figure will reportedly touch 60 million by year 2017. BBM has millions of engaged users who spend over 9 hours a week using the messaging app.

BlackBerry says that they want to make the BBM experience better by integrating new features. When BBM becomes available for Android Smartwatches, BBM users will have yet another way to access their messages: they will be able to receive the messages on their Smartwatch. They will not have to touch their smartphone.

By making BBM compatible with wearable technology, BlackBerry is increasing the capabilities of their portfolio and delivering new and exciting options for their customers. When BBM becomes available for Android Wear smartwatches, user will be able to receive notifications on their Smartwatch when a new message arrives. They will also be able to preview the message discretely and see who sent it.

And with a swipe, they will be able to read BBM messages, dismiss notifications and navigate among messages.  In addition, they will be able to accept invites from the Smartwatch without accessing their phone.

A variety of watches supporting Android Wear will support BBM. When a user installs BBM on their Android smartphone, it will automatically become available on their Smartwatch.


Smartwatches supporting BBM are expected to be available soon. Wearables are the next big thing in mobile technology and Google has already become a leading player in this space. The search company announced Android Wear in March 2014. As the name itself suggests Android Wear runs Google’s smartphone operating system Android.

The first Android Wear devices are Smartwatches. LG, Motorola and Samsung have already released Smartwatches. Google is also collaborating with other companies like Asus and HTC.

By announcing BBM support for Wearables BlackBerry has once again proved that they are committed to improving customer experience. A leading player in the mobile industry, BlackBerry revolutionized mobile technology by launching smartphones with secure messaging capabilities. Because of the security of their system, BlackBerry is preferred by governments and security conscious organizations all over the world. The company now also focuses on developing mobile management solutions.

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