Sony Executives Find Savior in BlackBerry

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Los Angeles based Sony Pictures had to deal with a crippling cyber-attack last month when hackers paralyzed its corporate email servers. The hacking scandal made headlines all over the world and once again showed that many organizations are still unequipped to deal with the growing threat of cybercrime.

Not knowing how to combat the attack and get its business back on foot, Sony executives scrambled for their BlackBerry devices. The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony found a cache of BlackBerry devices that still worked because BlackBerry uses its own servers to send and receive emails. In fact, the BlackBerry devices were integral to Sony’s efforts to keep its employees productive immediately after the attack.

The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures is believed to have been the handiwork of North Korea. North Korean administration has been livid with Sony over its decision to distribute the controversial film The Interview which is a political satire about two journalists trying to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

North Korea threatened merciless action against the US if Sony Pictures went ahead with the release. Sony delayed the release from October 10 to December 25 and reportedly also edited the movie to make it more palatable to North Korea. But it looks like that didn’t help. The cyber-attack took down landline phones and computers at Sony’s Los Angeles office during the Thanksgiving week. It also resulted in the halting of the release of the film ‘The Interview’.

BlackBerry devices, however, continued to work unaffected for Sony executives.

Bloomberg News reported that the only company that got some good press from this hacking scandal is BlackBerry. SlashGear went to extent of calling BlackBerry the surprising savior of Sony. Several other online publications including Engadget praised the supreme security with which BlackBerry devices are built.

World leaders like US President Barrack Obama, British PM David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel depend on BlackBerry devices because of their proven track record of security. Merkel uses a BB 10 device made even more secure with encryption technology provided by Secusmart. The device can prevent even SS7-based surveillance. Secusmart was recently acquired by BlackBerry. Market watchers have also lauded BlackBerry’s newest enterprise mobility management solution BES12 as the best mobile security solution on the market.

BB Secure

Two weeks ago PC Magazine’s Sasha Sagan had pointed out that incidents like the Sony attack would encourage more and more CEOs to turn their attention to mobility management solutions like BES12. He wrote about the need to hire more IT staff to secure the data. Any failure to do that will lead to the repetition of events like the Sony attack. In his opinion, calling up the people at BlackBerry Enterprise Server will be a good start.

One of the biggest advantages of BES12 is that it is cross-platform. Besides BlackBerry, it supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. This allows enterprises to manage their fleet of mobile devices running multiple operating systems from one console. Also companies that already have BES5 or BES10 can easily upgrade to BES12. BlackBerry deploys encryption at every stage. This prevents hackers from intercepting the messages during transit.

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