11 “Annoying” Things about the Passport

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The BlackBerry Passport has pulled in some strong reviews since its launch in September. The device has a quad core CPU and a large 4.5 inch square touchscreen. It has been called a game changer. Is it possible for a BlackBerry device to have no flaws at fall? NO!

A Silicon Valley engineer has compiled a list of 11 ‘annoying’ things about the Passport. Read on to find out more.

Aren’t we all more comfortable with rectangular screens?

Yes, we are, but our loyalty will shift the moment we start working on the wide screen of the Passport. It can show a whole lot more data than the latest iPhone. Annoying, isn’t it?

Should a phone have a physical keyboard?

The Passport has an elegantly designed physical keyboard with just 3 rows of keys. But is it necessary? After all, all of those all screen devices have virtual keyboards that are as good as physical keyboards. But it is not exactly about the physical keyboard. It is about the predictive technology used by BlackBerry. The moment you start typing word suggestions will appear on the screen. You only have to tap the words of your choice.

Only laptops should have trackpads

Really? The Passport has a trackpad. You might think that this a crazy idea until you start using it.

Too many apps

Should a BlackBerry device have access to so many apps and games? After all, BlackBerry mainly caters to enterprise customers. So, you may be annoyed that the Passport has too many apps and games.

The BlackBerry HUB

It is impossible for a phone to ship with one app that can handle all notifications and messages in place. The Passport has BlackBerry Hub. While the Hub has been available for almost two years, it shines on the Passport because of the wide screen. This is a feature you wouldn’t find in other iOS or Android devices.

A rugged phone can’t look sexy and beautiful

The Passport is designed to withstand both use and abuse. It has a rugged stainless steel frame and Corning Gorilla glass but it still looks so beautiful. The phone is so elegant that you wouldn’t want to put it inside a case. If that isn’t annoying what is it?

A BlackBerry Camera can’t excel an iPhone camera

Interestingly, the camera on the Passport is as good as the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the latest iPhone.

Why should a phone support 160GB of storage?

The Passport can support up to 160GB of storage while most phones have only 16-32GB of storage. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. With the help of an SD card, you can expand the memory to 160GB.

Blackberry passport

A phone isn’t supposed to offer all day battery life

The Passport has a powerful 3450 mAh battery that provides enough juice to last more 24 hours of heavy use.

A BlackBerry device can’t ship with a voice assistant as good as Apple’s Siri

In fact, Passport’s voice assistant is sometimes even better than Siri.

You won’t be able to crack the picture password

The lock screen on the Passport is stronger than the fingerprint reader of iPhone. Recently there were reports about a 7-year-old who used his sleeping father’s finger to unlock an iPhone.

The Picture Password Unlock option supported by the Passport isn’t something you can crack in ten attempts. And if you fail 10 times, the device will wipe itself clean.


The most annoying of all these is that once you start using the Passport, it is impossible to go back.

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