Best Social Applications for BlackBerry 10

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We have compiled a list of 9 amazing social applications for BlackBerry 10. With these apps, you can ping, tweet, share and network on the fly.

BlackBerry 10 comes pre-loaded with lots of social tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare. They are enough for most people, but if you are a social butterfly who spends most of your time on Facebook or Twitter, you will need more. No worries. There are numerous social applications in BlackBerry World.

Here is a quick overview of the best social apps.

  1. Trapeez

Trapeez is developed by the same folks who developed the Blaq app for BlackBerry PlayBook. This is a Tumblr app. With Trapeez, you can flip through your favorite blogs on Tumblr and publish posts on the fly. You will be able to share and like posts, drop quotes, links and pictures into posts. Trapeez runs $1.99.

  1. Keek

Keek is a free social network where you can share short videos from your phone. You can watch the videos posted by your friends and leave comments. You will also be able to post your Keeks to Twitter and Facebook. Keek is worth checking out if you are looking for a video-based network.

  1. Badoo

Badoo is a free location-based dating application. It allows users to scroll through photos of singles. Though it is an Android port, Badoo performs well on BlackBerry 10.

  1. IM+ Pro

If your friends are scattered across various social networks, you will definitely need an IM client like IM + Pro. Using this client you can login to several networks at the same time and keep tab on your contacts. IM + Pro runs $4.99.

  1. Buffer

This tool allows you to post links and stories to your social media accounts on a regular basis. You can decide the ideal time to post or allow the app to figure it out for maximum engagement. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all supported. If you can’t help sharing stuff, you should definitely check this app out.

  1. Neatly

This is one of the third party Twitter applications for BlackBerry 10. It does not have some features of the core Twitter application, but it does have some tricks up its sleeves. For example, it allows you to measure compatibility between you and other users and decide who to follow. Neatly runs $2.99.



  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a hugely popular instant messaging app that supports multiple platforms. Part of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it offers some BBM like features. Also WhatsApp comes with activity indicators that allow users to figure out when their contacts have been active or if they have received the messages. You can share videos, pictures, video notes etc. If messaging apps like Google Talk aren’t enough for you, WhatsApp could be worth considering.

  1. Untappd

Are you an avid beer-drinker? Untappd is designed for folks just like you. Using this social app, you can find and rate your favorite brews and add friends. Overtime, Untappd will figure out your peculiar drinking habits and will also be able to suggest new beers.

  1. Diode

This is a Reddit app for BB 10. You can leave comments on the submissions of your friends, submit your own stuff, upvote, downvote and send private messages.

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