A Quick Guide to BlackBerry Classic Camera

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The BlackBerry Classic is a powerful smartphone with a touchscreen and an intuitive user interface that is not complicated at all. It is built for enhancing productivity and has several enhancements over the BlackBerry Bold 9900. For example, the device has a much better browser. Also, it has an 8 megapixel rear camera with auto focus. In this article, we will take a look at the various features supported by the Classic Camera.

Panorama Mode

With the BlackBerry Classic, you can easily take wide panoramic photos. Once you have activated the Panorama Mode, you only have to pan right or left and adjust the onscreen commands as you shoot the photo. Want to fit a landscape or a wider view in one shot? With Panorama Mode, it is as easy as ABC.

Offline Time Shift Mode

The Offline Time Shift Mode allows you to snap that perfect moment. Actually, in the Time Shift mode, the camera will capture a series of images from which you can choose the perfect one. Capture as many images as you want. You can edit them later.


Even if you are a not huge fan of selfies, you will appreciate the timer feature. On the BlackBerry Classic, you can easily set a timer for your photos. The Timer allows you to get ready for the shot or get into the frame. And it makes capturing family-wide portraits easier.


If you upgraded to the Classic from a BlackBerry Bold 9900, you will readily appreciate the various benefits of HDR. The HDR technology combines multiple exposures. If the lighting situations are not perfect, you should activate HDR to make the photos look more balanced. So, when HDR is activated, images shot in dimly lit surroundings or bright sunlight will look better. Now in case, you would like to experiment, move the camera between various light exposures. You will be able to create some cool visual effects.

BB Classic Camera


Everybody wants to grab that perfect shot. The problem is that we don’t know when that will happen. The Burst Mode is a quick fix to this problem. When the camera is in the Burst mode, it will capture several images in a burst. From those images, you can find that perfect shot and people will readily praise your skills in photography. If impressing your friends and family is your goal, you should choose the Time Shift mode.

The BlackBerry Classic has a touchscreen, a physical keyboard and Classic Navigation Keys. You can take a photo by using the spacebar, the trackpad or the volume buttons. You can also capture photos by tapping an onscreen icon.

Even if you are juggling your Classic in one hand and a cup of hot coffee in the other, finding that shutter button will never prevent you from capturing an image.


The Classic is now up for pre-order. In the US, AT&T will be carrying the device. If you sign up for a two-year service contract, you will be able to take home the smartphone for just $50. Verizon Wireless has also said that it would carry the Classic.

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