Why Organizations Cannot Afford to Neglect Mobile Security

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Lots of people now use mobile and internet banking services because they are convenient and save time. Unfortunately, there are several risks too. If your device is not secure, your financial information can be at risk. Fraudsters are increasingly targeting mobile customers and stealing their money.

Each year 15 million people become victims to identity theft and financial fraud. How do hackers manage to do this? What can you do if you have been a victim of financial fraud? Will there be anyone willing to help you?

Large scale fraud and thefts rarely target individuals. Rather they target organizations that have, store and use personal and financial data of their customers. Retailers and banking institutions bore the brunt of powerful hacking attempts last year. Hackers not only stole user data but also destroyed the reputation of these businesses.

Mobile users provide access to their banking and credit card information to back end servers, Point of Sale software and network infrastructures. They use their mobile to make payments at restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, hotels etc. In other words, countless businesses have access to your data. You expect them to use it responsibly. But can you trust them blindly especially when you hear about data breaches on a regular basis?

Security should be a major concern for businesses as well as customers. The 15 million individuals who have been affected by data breaches certainly understand this. So do the businesses and retailers that have been affected by these breaches.

Your business and other organizations that you interact with cannot ignore the importance of security. You have to take the measures required to protect mobile data.

What BlackBerry can do to protect your mobile data?

BlackBerry may not be the most popular mobile operating system at the moment, but there is no denying the fact that it is the most secure. BlackBerry is committed to building and maintaining mobile operating systems that are secure to the core. Needless to say, BlackBerry devices can withstand security threats better than devices powered by rival operating systems such as Android or iOS.

Security breaches hurt reputation and can result in lawsuits and fines. They affect customer confidence. When your mobile end points have been breached, customers will hesitate to do business with you. Enterprises are required to protect the sensitive data of their customers. They also have to ensure that the communications and data of their employees and investors are safe.

blackberry security A recently conducted mobility risk tolerance study discovered that 68 percent businesses believe that mobile devices like smartphones are the weakest links in their organizational security framework. Yet only one-third of these organizations are confident that they can prevent unauthorized people from accessing their data through mobile devices.

BlackBerry helps organizations mitigate these risks and secure corporate data and communications. The new enterprise solutions unveiled by BlackBerry not only protect your data, but also increase the productivity of your employees.

BlackBerry’s latest enterprise server BES 12 is capable of managing devices running multiple platforms from a single console. It is the only enterprise mobility management solution that meets the security standards of regulated industries. It is also flexible enough to accommodate BOYD.

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