Have a Relaxing Time With These Entertainment Apps for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry 10 has got plenty of entertainment apps built for it. In this article, we will take a look at some cool new media and entertainment applications we discovered this week. Some of these are Android apps but as you already know BlackBerry 10 devices are quite capable of playing Android applications.

Autodesk Pixlr

This is a photo editing tool. This application offers a wide variety of effects, overlays and filters that you can apply to the photos taken with your camera. Autodesk also allows you to enter various Instagram challenges. Using this app, you can rotate and crop photos. You will also be able to create collages. There is a wide variety of tools to help you edit photos like a professional. Autodesk has a nice interface. You can download this application from Amazon Appstore.

Princess Bride

This is a great game that allows you to experience popular scenes from the film of the same name. You can climb the cliffs of insanity, engage in sword fights with Inigo or survive the eels. Each game comes with unique leaderboards, awards and challenges. You will also be able to unlock sound clips and images from the film. You can download this game from Amazon Appstore for $3.99. You will probably have to adjust your screen to play this game.

Headless Cuckoo

This is a native chime application. It comes with 6 chime sounds. You also have the option of using any other sounds stored on your BlackBerry. There are several other features as well. You will be able to select the interval, sound volume, number of chimes etc. You will also be able to set a chime so that it goes off hourly. This one serves as a reminder or a time manager. It runs $1.99.

Entertainment Apps for BlackBerry 10


Drippple 10

If you are a designer, Dribbble gives you an opportunity to showcase your work. Drippple 10 is a BlackBerry application that provides access to the Dribbble community. Using Drippple 10, you can browse recent and popular shots, share an image and view profiles and websites of designers. Three themes are supported. You can purchase Drippple 10 from BlackBerry World for just $0.99.

Zombie Call

This is a combat shooter game for people who love the zombie apocalypse. You’re on a mission to destroy a certain experimental facility. You will come across several zombie soldiers along the way and you have to kill them. The controls are quite simple. You can pick your weapons and win rewards and prices. The 3D graphics are simply superb. This is a free game compatible with all BB 10 devices except the Passport.


Many of us have got to do more things than we can possibly do in 24 hours. That is where concentration helps. When you are focused on what you are doing, you will be able to finish it in less time. ReFocus launched their latest application called SoundScape this week. It is basically a background noise creator. It plays soothing sounds to create a calming environment. The design and interface is beautiful. You can play and mix more than 18 sounds.

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