Leaked: BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” Gets Caught On Camera – 7 Minute Video And A Bunch Of Photos!

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It’s been a short while since we mentioned the BlackBerry Apollo, So far we know T-Mobile will be getting it and have some leaked specs to go by but other than that, not much of this device has been seen. RIM’s next line of Curve devices. Thanks to Vietnamese tech site Tinh te, we now have more live photos and a 7+ minute long video of the rumored device. Even though the video is in Vietnamese (can anyone translate and post in comments?), you get a good look at the Apollo’s Curvy physique along with some shots of its software and side-by-side comparisons with other devices. Here are some observations made by Engadget:

According to the site the new Curve is 11mm thick (a couple millimeters thinner than the 8900 it’s juxtaposed with), packs a 800Mhz Marvell Tavor CPU MG-1 processor, and has a touch-insensitive 480 x 360 screen.

Check out the video and photos below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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