Demo Video Of The BlackBerry Bold 9930 Shows Up On Verizon Wireless Website!

by Mauricio 264 views0

I’ve already shown you a BlackBerry Bold 9930 with a Verizon Wireless splash screen and even a Google Ad that gave away the device but if you’re still not convinced, Verizon “accidentally” published a demo video of the new Bold to their website. The video shows up on the Bold 9650’s product page under  Demos and Videos, Explore Features. Blake (the guy in the video) goes over the Bold 9930’s features, all of which we already know about. RIM is expected to announce more details for BlackBerry 7 devices tonight so let’s hope everything goes official!

You can check out the video at Verizon Wireless’ site under Shop > Bold 9560 > Demos and Videos or watch it below if they decide to remove it.


via CB