Why You Should Connect to BBM Groups, And How to do it

by Thea Neuman 323 views0

Are you feeling hooked to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Or maybe you haven’t even started using BBM? Well today I’m going to explore the benefits of using BBM groups. So whichever group you belong to, there’s something informative for you that has the potential to change your social interactive space in an incredible way.

Be it informing your team about the project progress meeting post lunch or asking your buddies about a movie plan this weekend, BBM groups have it all. I’ve listed the three top uses for BBM groups:

Synchronizing Folks at Workplace:

Connect to BBM Groups Are you tired of making calls to everyone in your team for organizing a brief meeting, or sending a mail to everyone and waiting for the responses, or at times even rushing to your desk? Try the BBM way.

Just add all your team members to one BBM group. Let’s name it ‘Smart Jacks’ (you can be more creative). For every communication that you desire with your teammates, just send a ping to the BBM group. For instance if it’s about a meeting, you can possibly share the agenda of the meeting, who’s going to chair the meeting, who has to keep the minutes of meeting, and other such particulars. Not only for your work- even if it’s a party or function organized at the office, you can coordinate it well through the BBM group, asking your ‘Jacks’ for innovative ideas for the party or scheming different events for the function. So, BBM @ office – Jack of all trades!

Managing Personal Space:

You can add all your family members and close relatives in one group. Recall all those times when you had to contact every family member and relative individually to share some news. You had to tell them the same thing again and again. The next time you get a promotion in office or buy a new car, just shoot a ping to the BBM group – an unparalleled way of being in touch with your loved ones.

Comrades & Camaraderie:

blackberry groups Now here comes one of important facets of our lives – our friends. BBM groups (this time let’s call them – ‘Goodfellas’) gives us a unique opportunity of being in touch with all of them 24/7. Whether you’re thinking about a basketball game with your buddies in the evening or planning any fun activities next weekend, BBM groups are at your service.

You can invite further ideas regarding your plans or detailing an already made plan. For instance, inviting ideas regarding what the entire group can explore at the hill station trip, where to stay, where to dine, what all places to visit there, and further duties/tasks can be assigned to different ‘fellas’ after taking consent from everyone.

I hope you’re getting my drift here. If you haven’t already started using the BBM groups, you’re surely missing on a new revolutionary wave in social networking. BBM groups are a cool and easy way to interact with others. See the harmonization that it can bring to your personal and professional life. And do share your experiences with us.