Keeping Your Blackberries From Getting Thorny

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Imagine living your life without an automobile. Picture yourself walking to work, to the store, to take your kids to school. Could you do everything you do? Of course not. You’d spend so many hours just going from place to place that your day would lack the time you need to be as productive as you are.

But aren’t cars terribly dangerous? Don’t thousands of people die in them every year? Yes, they do. But it’s a calculated risk.

Just as driving a car is far more dangerous than walking, the greater convenience of your Blackberry carries with it a unique set of risks. In both cases, we accept the risk in exchange for the added convenience and efficiency provided.

Whether you’re slugging away at an inbox that never sleeps or simply getting your day in order, the Blackberry provides great benefits for you. Just keep in mind some of the common pitfalls of the technology and take some simple steps for mobile security, and your device won’t do you in.

Wi-Fi Horrors

When you operated from a desktop with a nice cable sticking into the wall, you knew who could see your information: Nobody.

Then wireless internet came along, and we all got a little squirrelly. In time we adjust, but soon found ourselves going mobile with our phones, and ultimately, our email and everything else.

Somewhere in the handy world of checking email without going to the office, we forgot that wireless data transmission requires good mobile security.

Going mobile is inherently risky. If you’ve ever picked up a free Wi-Fi connection to reduce your data consumption, you’ve exposed your device to some degree of risk. You’re far safer to stick that wireless network, despite the spottier level of coverage and the plan consumption, because it’s far more secure than the fast-food modem you’ve latched onto. Your wireless network has huge staffs keeping it secure. The restaurant has a huge staff boiling pasta. Who’s protecting your data better?

Always Signed In? Uh-Oh

Of course, if the only thing on your phone were your hourly visits to a breaking news website or your obsessive monitoring of an incoming snowstorm, the risk wouldn’t be important. But the whole reason you got the mobile device was to do a wide array of other things.

Your online banking, email accounts for your personal life and your job, as well as credit card and even utilities accounts that you access on your phone.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with using your device for exactly what it’s designed to do. But don’t bypass the fundamentals of Android Security. Get good antivirus software, and use basic good sense.

Yes, it’s tough to enter all those passwords every time you log in, especially on pages you use a lot. But how much of your checking account would you let walk away in exchange for that convenience? Yeah, that’s right. Not one cent! But that’s exactly what will happen if your Blackberry does a Peter Pan maneuver out of your pocket or purse and falls into the hands of a thief.

Your Blackberry is an amazing device that can absolutely be used safely for whatever purposes you like. The main thing is to make sure you don’t shortcut good security practices. Avoid risky connections, sign out of sensitive sites, and keep your software up to date.

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