Metegol is an Addictive Sports and Puzzle Themed Mash-Up

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Everyone loves a free app or game, so naturally we do our best here at BlackberryRocks to highlight as many as possible. This next title is unique, so it’s great to see that it’s available for BB10 devices like the Z10.

Metegol is a sort of puzzle and sports mash-up that has you taking control of soccer players as you navigate a field. Of course, the gameplay is a lot more complicated than that, but it’s good fun! Yes, it’s inspired by the movie of the same name.

More specifically, you control four soccer players running across a field as opponents rush you. The idea is to pass the ball between your players generously in an attempt to prevent your opponents from stealing it. If any of your players runs into an opponent while they are carrying the soccer ball then it’s game over.

The players run from one side of the screen to the other (left to right), organized vertically from the bottom to the top. Opponents appear on the screen from the opposite direction and generally stand in your way. As you pass them you must also pass the ball between players by tapping on the screen.

It’s a unique puzzle-based take on the game of soccer, and it involves patience just as much as skill. The best part is that every so often your teammates will interact with you, by moving closer when you’re in need of help or by using a header to pass the ball back.

At the opposite end of the field, as in soccer, is a goalkeeper which you will have to bypass to progress through the game. If you successfully shoot the ball into the net for a goal, you will move on to the next level. As you advance through the game the levels get increasingly more difficult. Additionally, you can unlock more game modes aside from the main one. Those unlockable game styles include a challenge mode and a non-stop mode which essentially features endless play.

The game really starts to get hectic as you face off against tougher opponents and you battle to use your teammates wisely. You’d never guess just passing a ball back and forth could be so crazy.

While the gameplay mechanics are certainly top-notch, they’re not the only thing to praise with Metegol. The graphics, and sound effects are also pretty awesome especially for a free game like this. It’s also quite surprising to see that it doesn’t shove IAP, or in-app-purchases down your throat as you play. You don’t have to spend any money at all to enjoy this game, and in this day and age that’s truly something special.

If you have a Blackberry Z10 or Q10 you should head on over to Blackberry World by using the widget embed below and download this game right now. You will most certainly become addicted like I did.

Have you the opportunity to try Metegol yet? What do you think of the game? Did you encounter any issues that are worth mentioning in the comments below? Please feel free to share your thoughts with the community.

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