Pocket Ninjas is Now Available for the Blackberry Q10 and Q5

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Pocket Ninjas is a pretty amazing game that we’ve covered here at Blackberry Rocks before. More specifically we’ve covered the game for the Blackberry Z10. It was great then, and it’s still great now. You may be wondering why we would bring the game up again? Why dredge up the past, especially concerning a mobile app?

Well, the game is now available for the Blackberry Q10 and Q5! That means if you own one of the newer Blackberry 10 handsets instead of the Z10 you can get in on all the Ninja action!

If you haven’t played it before here’s the basic rundown:

Pocket Ninjas is a highly addictive hack and slash game that has you swiping your way through countless enemies and baddies. While you’re constantly tasked with eliminating a constant stream of bad guys, you also have to dodge oncoming shurikens, and flying sushi!

Essentially, your Ninja hideout is under attack, and it’s your job to defend it, being the badass ninja that you are. Gameplay is pretty straightforward; you swipe your finger across the screen, in order to slash through oncoming enemies. Think of it as a Fruit Ninja clone, only with tons more blood and lots of customization support.

Along the way, you can easily customize the look of your ninja and outfit him/her with plenty of new weapons and abilities. Believe me when I say that some of the customization options are pretty damn cool! You have the ability to unlock a double bladed staff, count me in!

Of course, Pocket Ninjas did earn itself a mature rating because of the bucketloads of blood and gore. Every slash, chop, and successful kill results in a splatter of blood. Therefore, this isn’t exactly the best game for your little ones.

It’s a lot of fun, and it makes excellent use of the touchscreen on your device. You can use gestures to swipe enemies and slice ‘em up! Think Fruit Ninja only with loads of blood and gore, and you’re slicing up digital avatars instead of fruit.

The game is $1.99, but it is well worth the price. There’s a lot of content for your money and the developer has done a great job at porting the app to Blackberry devices. Though it is available for other platforms like iOS and Android, this app has been redesigned for Blackberry 10 and makes great use of the exclusive features.

If you’re looking for a great hack and slash action game for your mobile device then check this one out. Keep in mind it’s certainly for a mature audience thanks to all the blood and gore. As always, hit up the Blackberry World widget below to navigate to the related app page if you want to download it for your device.

Have you played Pocket Ninjas before? Have you tried it out after reading this short review? Please let us know what you think in the comments below! We love to hear thoughts and opinions from the Blackberry community!

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