Top 7 Games for BlackBerry Passport

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It is true that the BlackBerry Passport is aimed at business users. It is packed with features that help them improve their productivity. It can also handle games. Actually, the gigantic square display of this device makes gaming even more enjoyable.

Here is our list of the top 7 games for BlackBerry.

  1. Nevermaze

NeverMaze is a simple game. It generates a clever maze and you have to maneuver the orange ball to the purple ball. The graphics aren’t particularly impressive but the beautiful colors complement well. Also, this game is a bit addictive. The developer says that billions of mazes are available, so you are unlikely to see the same maze twice.

  1. BrickBreaker Bold

BrickBreaker is an old classic game. Now the developers have revamped it for BB 10. BrickBreaker Bold is a pretty nice game. Two control options are available. The first option is to touch your player and drag him where you want him to go. You can use the hardware keyboard. Hit ‘Q’ for left and hit ‘P’ for right.

  1. Ten Pin Shuffle

You can find plenty of bowling games for all mobile platforms. Ten Pin Shuffle is unarguably one of the best. Play it once and you will understand the gaming capabilities of BlackBerry 10. Graphics are quite smooth. There are some nice sound effects as well. There are three games within this game and it is worth checking out.

  1. Chain Dots

This is a simple puzzle game. Each game takes just one minute. When you start playing, you will be shown a grid of colored dots. You have to connect adjoining dots having the same color with a line. You can draw in any direction. If the chain is longer and you manage to draw several lines, you will earn more points.

  1. Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis is an exciting tennis game. There is a short tutorial about the controls. To serve, you have to tap the screen. A second tap will hit the ball. You can return shots by swiping. It is possible to swipe in all directions, but you have to be careful while doing an upward swipe. If you swipe the phone’s bezel, the app will be minimized into the Active Frame. The graphics are decent and the sound effects are pretty realistic.

BB passport Games


  1. Kiwi Wonder

This game is based on a simple concept. Your kiwi will fly from left to right and during this flight, it will collect bonus items and coins, but it has to avoid other birds. Tap the display to control the Kiwi. When you tap, it will go up and when you release, it will go down. The graphics are stunning, so is the music. The Kiwi Wonder is a pleasure to play.

  1. Twist Pilot

Twist Pilot is all about controlling a red thing called Phil. He is fond of collecting gold rings, but he detests having to bump into the wall or the spiders. And when that happens, you can hear him make a funny noise. Phil has a funny shape so he can’t get through all the holes. He is spinning all the time and you have to take him through tight holes when he’s at his thinnest shape.

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