BlackBerry Invites Developers to Test Their Apps’ Compatibility with BB Classic

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BlackBerry is expected to launch its Classic sometime soon. Just like other device releases in the past, the company has sent emails to developers informing them that they will have to get their applications ready for the launch.

Just like the BlackBerry Q10, the Classic has the same 720 x 720 pixels display. Almost all apps that are compatible with the Q10 will be compatible with the Classic. These apps will be automatically available when Classic launches. As a result, the smartphone has already got lots of apps ready for the launch. But developers who would like to ensure that their apps will work correctly on the Classic can opt out of automatic availability.

BlackBerry Classic is one of the most anticipated devices of the year. It will be the latest addition to BlackBerry’s lineup of QWERTY devices. The new design will also mark the return of the hard buttons and the classic trackpad – two features popular with BlackBerry users.

The Classic will have a shiny display with 720 x 720 pixels resolution and an aspect ratio of 1:1. It will run BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS. As the device is getting ready for launch, BlackBerry obviously wants to ensure that there are plenty of apps for its latest handset.

Developers who have already built apps for BlackBerry 10 OS can test the compatibility of their apps with Classic by downloading the BB 10 Native Beta SDK, 10.3.1 simulator and other required development tools. The good news is that most applications that will work well on the Q10 will also work well on the Classic. As far as end users are concerned, this means that they will have plenty of applications to use when the Classic launches.

And for the convenience of the developers, BlackBerry will be expanding their device compatibility to include the Classic. Developers who don’t want their Q10 compatible apps to be automatically available for Classic can opt out of this process. They have to submit their request before 5:00 PM Eastern, on October 28, 2014.

BB Classic

Meanwhile, some leaked photos of the Classic have already hit the cyberspace. The device does not look much different from the Q10 or the Curve. It will have the same QWERTY keyboard and 5 button navigation keys. The Classic has a 3.46 inch shiny touchscreen display. It will be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual core processor. The handset will have 16GB of storage and2GB of RAM.

BlackBerry has built a reputation for launching compact phones with a QWERTY keyboard. The Classic won’t be a deviation from that tradition. It is aimed at business users who use their phone for content creation rather than content consumption. While phones from Samsung and Apple are hugely popular among consumers they are not exactly designed for improving the productivity of the user. They are devices meant for killing time. BlackBerry phones, on the other hand, are built for the busy professional on the go.

The Classic is expected to launch in November. Although it will have to face tough competition from other touchscreen phones on the market, this feature-rich phone should be able to do quite well.

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