Hidden Features of Blackberry Space Key… And More

by Thea Neuman 515 views0

I’m a huge Blackberry fan. I have an Android, an iPod and a Blackberry, and I use my Blackberry as my main phone; the other two are just gaming or app testing devices. Why Blackberry? Because of two main things: its battery backup and its sweet keyboard. I’m not good with typing on touch screens. Typing on a blackberry is so easy, I can do it while walking.

If you think you have mastered the art of mailing or texting from Blackberry, nope, not so soon… there are many hidden tips and tricks associated with Blackberry typing. Here are some secret tips about the space key. You might know a couple of them, but I bet not all. Let’s check them out.

Blackberry Torch Front View Image 1. Next sentence

When you are texting (or mailing) and you reach the end of the sentence, just tap the space key twice and you’ll have a period and another space. It will also make the next alphabet in caps!

2. Email address

When writing an email, in the TO/CC/BCC field, instead of writing ‘@’ or ‘.’, just press the space bar. For example, if you have to write ‘[email protected]’, just write ‘abc xyz com’, and Blackberry will understand the meaning of those spaces.

3. Scrolling through pages

If you are viewing a long page on your browser and you want to scroll to the bottom, just press the space key and you’ll reach the end of the page. To go back to the top, press shift + space.

4. Selecting check boxes

Highlight a check box and press the space key to check it. To uncheck it, press the space key again.

That’s it with the space secrets. But wait, I have some other Blackberry secrets too.

1. Multitasking

In Windows, it’s Alt+Tab. In Blackberries, it’s Alt+ Escape. (In case you don’t know which one is the escape key- it’s the one that looks like a bent arrow.) Press Alt+ Escape, and you’ll see a page that has all open and active apps. Select the one which you want to shift to.

Blackberry Space Key Tips 2. Special characters

To enter special characters in your text, press any alphabet key and roll your thumb on the trackball. It will show you options related to the letter you pressed. You can try it with various alphabets.

3. Selecting (for copy and paste)

Press the shift key at a part in the text and roll the trackball, and the text will get selected. Now you can copy or cut the text and paste it at a different location.

4. Turn the backlight on/off

This is a great feature that is available with smart phones these days. Earlier I had to wait for my phone for some time before its light could go off. With my Blackberry, I just press the lock button and its light goes off. To turn it back on, I press the lock button again.

These were some features of Blackberry that will make things easier for you and save your time. Got some more tips? Share them here via comments.