Tungle App All Set to Bid Adieu to Forthcoming BB 10 Platform

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Latest reports are suggesting that ‘Tungle’ (RIM’s scheduling app) is all set to bid farewell. According to surfaced reports, this app is finally making its exit on December 3rd, and a superior alternative is going to take its place. ‘Tungle’ app facilitated users in creating calendar events that worked with majority of popular calendar apps, including ICS & CSV based calendars like Windows Live, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Yahoo!, Entourage, TripIt, BlackBerry, Lotus Notes, Plancast, Facebook Events, and others. The main concept of this app was to let users schedule a particular event that occupies any calendar sans any issues related to compatibility.

RIM’s PlayBook 7 tablet was released on 19th April without featuring any native app related to email or calendar. Eyebrows were raised when Tungle’s fate met with an acquisition, that too barely within 8 days of its launch. After it was acquired by RIM, Tungle’s team immediately got down to developing PlayBook Calendar.

Marc Gingras, CEO of Tungle

At the beginning of this month, Marc Gingras (Tungle’s CEO) revealed that the service is closing down completely since the team will have to concentrate on forthcoming BB 10 platform. Gingras added further that his team is really excited after being in charge of new responsibilities provided by RIM. In order to yield the best possible results of development related to upcoming BB 10 platform, the company had to take a decision of closing down Tungle service. The most prominent Tungle replacement is going to be Timebridge. This app will make time management easier and offer invitation & scheduling capabilities which can be moved forward to Google calendars, iCal, or Outlook. Despite of being an efficient app, the potential of Timebridge hasn’t been optimized to its fullest extent. This app was acquired by MerchantCircle.


A newly launched Tout feature comprises of CSV scheduling straight away from Gmail plugin. This new feature is comprised of ‘suggest meeting times’ function that allows users to automatically interleave their accessible calendar times into emails. This new feature provides email templates to synchronize with numerous people, and it is possible to use a template featuring a schedule time variable in automatic mode.

Synkmonkey.me is sort of a free mobile app which allows users to send out invitations of calendar events that sync with the native calendar of iOS & Android-based devices. Though it features broad event compatibility, it does not gel with Google or Facebook calendar.

Scheduleonce is a tool that facilitates meeting organization & group scheduling. This tool features a free tier that doesn’t occupy numerous calendars but straight away generates a web-based calendar for users, via which they can send message appointments & invitations. The greatest appeal of this tool lies in its assimilation with Google apps.

Now it is very much apparent that lot of Tungle alternatives exist. As far as Blackberry 10 platform is concerned, there is no denial to the possibility that a few functions of Tungle might find their way in forthcoming BB 10 platform.