New Verizon Commercial Shows Off White Z10, BBM Video Chat and Screen Share

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Verizon is pretty good at producing effective and informative ads about the latest devices. So it’s quite surprising to see them showing off the Blackberry Z10 in their latest ad. The other carriers don’t seem to be standing behind Blackberry quite as prominently. Obviously Verizon knows what’s going on.

In the latest advertisement, Verizon shows of the BBM video chat and screen share features on the Blackberry Z10. They’re also showing off the Verizon exclusive white version alongside the standard black model. Both of them sure do look snazzy!

BBM video chat works just like any other video chat software, namely Skype, except that it allows you to chat instantly with friends and family through Blackberry’s proprietary messaging service. If you’re familiar with BBM from a former Blackberry ownership, then you’ll feel right at home using it with a Blackberry Z10. It’s pretty much the same old thing, albeit with some new UI tweaks and feature enhancements.

The screen share feature allows you to show off what you’re doing on your Blackberry. For example, if you have documents you’d like to show off, or even pictures you can use the screen share function. As you can see in the advertisement, an employee is clearly using the screen share to show off a project proposal of some kind.

In the commercial, the boss naturally turns away her employee because she’s on vacation. I’m sure we’ve all had the “vacation” call before at some time or another so we can all relate.

The advertisement shows that Verizon is pushing the Z10 as much as possible. We have heard that Verizon employees have been briefed on the devices and are able to provide an accurate representation of what they can do. This is fantastic news, and hopefully it will help skyrocket Blackberry into the spotlight- well, the good one anyway.

There are obviously quite a few unique features on the Blackberry Z10 –which I’m loving by the way-, but no one will have a clue what they are, nor will they have a chance to try them out if the sales reps don’t show them off. After all, most advertising is done by word of mouth.

Blackberry Logo on Z10

I can attest to the fact that most everyone I’ve demoed the device in front of, fell in love with it immediately, namely because of the bezel gesture support and the Blackberry Hub. The Flow UI and the individual peek function also played a hand in wowing some folks.

The Time Shift camera is quite incredible, but I will admit it’s just a software implementation and will probably soon be available on iOS, and Android also once someone develops a similar app.

Regardless, Verizon did an excellent job at showing off some of the unknown features of the Z10. The screen share feature will come in handy a lot, especially if you need to teach Grandma how to use her new Z10. Bollocks you say? Grandma would never get the new Blackberry! Honestly, she probably would and it’s a lot easier to use than some of the other platforms out there. I say give it a try Granny!

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