Leak: Could This Be the Blackberry R10?

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A leaked image is making the rounds lately, which seems to point to an upcoming Blackberry 10 device specifically for budget minded individuals. The Blackberry R10, as it is codenamed, is a stripped down Qwerty device that looks remarkably similar to the Q10.

Just going by the image alone, it looks like the R10 might be a successor to the Curve series, a lower-end Blackberry for individuals with less money in their wallet. That means the R10 will probably contain less powerful hardware, including less internal storage. It’s currently rumored that the R10 is going to ship with 8GB of internal storage.

There’s actually nothing unusual here if you’ve already seen the Q10 design. The image isn’t exactly the best screenshot ever taken of a device, the photographer could have done a better job snapping the whole thing.

Blackberry R10 Image Leak

One of the things that stand out right away is the exterior finish of the device. It’s adorned in an eggshell white, like the color of the Verizon exclusive Z10. Is this color also going to be offered exclusively through one carrier, or will it be available to everyone?

You can also make out the slanted keys on the QWERTY keyboard, half of which are angled to the left and the other half are angled to the right. This is perfect for typing with two thumbs, with each thumb positioned on one side of the keyboard.

One thing that I would like to point out about this leaked image is that the edges of the screen appear to be extraordinarily wavy. It almost looks like someone blurred and erased the edges of the display, and edit the image from another shot of the Blackberry 10 device. It’s possible that this image is a total fake.

If that is indeed the case, then tech blogs everywhere blew up for almost no reason.

Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is a single image to go on. It was not accompanied by any additional information on the R10, or a list of specs. Most of what we do know is coming from the recent leaks of Blackberry’s 2013 roadmap. According to the roadmap, if this really is the R10 then it’s slated to release sometime later in the fall of this year.

As a Blackberry user, do you actually care much about this device? To be fair, the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 are still going to be the flagship devices for the year. It seems hard to believe that Blackberry is going to further fragment their latest offering with a bevy of devices. Thorsten Heins did confirm that more devices would be coming. Luckily, Blackberry also made it clear that only two different screen sizes would be used in future devices to prevent market fragmentation.

Hopefully BB10 doesn’t become another Android, spread thin across a whole mess of hardware.

Oh well, in this case only time will tell. I say it all the time but sadly it’s the genuine truth. Blackberry will eventually unveil their next device, if this is it then so be it.

Feel free to discuss the image in the comments below. Do you think it is authentic, or just photoshopped? Are you excited for a budget Blackberry 10 device or could you care less?

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    A leaked image is making the rounds lately, which seems to point to an upcoming Blackberry 10 device specifically for budget minded individuals. The B
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