FileScout App For BlackBerry Updated To Version With WiFi Sharing, Improvements & Fixes

by Mauricio 310 views0


Here’s another app we haven’t mentioned in a while, FileScout for BlackBerry smartphones. I use this app regularly and believe it’s the best file management app now available for BlackBerry. Today’s update to version makes it that much better with WiFi file sharing, improvements and fixes. Here’s the changelog:

  • WiFi-Sharing (via separate FREE Plugin that can be installed via the Options)
    WiFi-Sharing allows you to up and download files to and from your BlackBerry Device via a modern Browser (like Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
  • For Users of OS5 and above: The WiFi-Sharing Plugin comes with a WLAN SSID-Autostart feature! So you can configure the Plugin to autostart the sharing service once your device is seeing (not necessarily connected to) a specific SSID (multiple SSIDs could be configured). As soon as the Device does not have any connection to the SSID the Service will be automatically shut down (if you are not using FileScout currently).
  • Improved Thumbnail-Cache Handling
  • Thumbnail-Cache can be now completely wiped (and re-created) from the Thumbnail Option
  • Small performance & stability fixes

For more info go to, check out the video demo above or get the app on BlackBerry App World, available free or upgrade for $2.99 for more features.