What to Do With Your New Blackberry Q10 (The First Ten Things)

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So you’ve held out for this long, and finally picked up a Blackberry Q10. Congratulations! You have the pleasure of owning the very first Blackberry 10 QWERTY enabled device. One could say you’re a pioneer, paving the way for those who come after you but that’s not quite true in this case. Blackberry 10 is a fully fleshed out, unhindered OS. Sure, there are some things that will be added over time, but you’re not getting a buggy piece of software, you’re getting a finished product.

So, you have your device and you’ve been playing around with it a bit but you’re not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Here, are the first ten things you should do with your new Q10 after cracking open the seal.

The First Ten Things to do with Your Shiny New Blackberry Q10

Charge Your Device

Blackberry 10 Charging

This one is kind of a no brainer, especially since you’ll probably be playing with your new gadget off and on throughout the day. The Blackberry Q10 actually has the biggest battery in a BB phone to date, weighing in at 2100mAh. That sucker will certainly get you through your long days of app downloads, email replies, BBM conversations and more. If you’re always on the go, you might want to consider picking up a car charging bundle for your new device. It’s always good to have an extra place to juice up, just in case.

Set Up Your Device 

Blackberry 10 Accounts

If you’ve been playing around with the device for a while, this is something you may have done already but that’s okay. It’s still an important step to mention, because if you’re not signed in you can’t do much. If you want to start receiving your notifications, emails and more then you’ll have to sign in to all of your accounts- social, Blackberry, email or otherwise. There are integrated login entries for Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Evernote, Box, and Dropbox. You can log into all of those services directly through the Blackberry 10 accounts menu under the phone settings. Of course, there’s also support for IMAP, POP, CalDAV, CardDAV, Exchange ActiveSync, and more too. Balance is always there so you can seamlessly swap between work and personal profiles, and you can setup separate accounts on both profiles. You’ll also want to sign up for a Blackberry ID if you don’t already have one, it enables you to connect to Blackberry World and countless other BBerry services.

Lock Your Device, Prevent Unauthorized Access

Sometimes a lock screen can be a bit of a nuisance, but that’s no matter because nearly everyone stores sensitive information or data on their smartphone. With so many apps available in the respective marketplaces, it’s impossible to keep sensitive data off your device completely. One of the most traditional ways to keep intruders from obtaining said information is to lock down your device. You can setup a simple unlock code through the Blackberry Settings which will keep your device closed until someone enters the password. You can also track your device if it gets lost or stolen through Blackberry Protect, and that includes finding its location via GPS.

Install Blackberry Link

Z10 and Blackberry Link

At some point you’re going to need to connect your Blackberry to your home computer. There’s many reasons for doing so, transferring files and documents, backing up photos and more. The easiest way to sync your data cross-platform is through the Blackberry Link desktop software. With it, you can manage storage on your device, install important OS updates, backup media and transfer it and much much more.

Get Used to the Screen Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts

While the Q10 and Z10 are pretty much the same, there is one huge difference thanks to the QWERTY keyboard. In addition, to all of the standard screen gestures that the Blackberry 10 OS employs, the BBerry Q10 also makes use of physical keyboard shortcuts. Instant Action is a unique feature that allows you to start typing anything in universal search. You can look for apps on Blackberry World, emails, BBM messages, and even compose some of those elements right from the search screen. It takes a little while to get used to but keep at it, you’ll get there! The keyboard shortcuts are also incredible once you start using them. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, you’ll also want to get familiar with some of the gestures you need to navigate the device. There are plenty of helpful how-to videos and tutorials available too.

Download Some Apps!

Blackberry World

Now that you have everything set up, including accounts (and your Blackberry ID we hope) you can start fiddling around with the device more. Why not go download some apps from Blackberry World? One thing in particular worth mentioning is that when compared to the its larger brethren (the Z10), the Q10 has a smaller aspect ratio of 1:1. That means some apps currently available in the store don’t take advantage of the smaller screen size. Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before developers get some support builds uploaded. For the most part, all apps in Blackberry World will work fine with your Q10. So, get out there and get some of those apps!

Personalize Your Device

That shiny new Q10 is all yours now. Why not make it even more so by personalizing the OS to your tastes? You can setup custom wallpapers, custom ringtones and notifications and more. You can even customize how some of the notifications work and set different sounds for each contact in your phonebook. That last feature in particular is ideal because it helps you know when Mom is calling or texting without even looking at the screen.

Pick Up Some Accessories

Blackberry Q10 Accessories

As most women would say, it’s all about accessorizing! We already talked about picking up a car charging adapter, but what about external cases, holsters and more? Even though the Q10 is relatively new on the market, there’s plenty of accessories out there for it already. If you’re not sure where to look, you can even visit Blackberry directly to shop for some additional stuff!

Don’t Forget You Can Sideload Apps

Just like with the Blackberry Z10, you can sideload Android apps onto your new Q10. If Blackberry World doesn’t have the specific app you’re looking for, then this is the best way to go about getting it early. We recommend only doing this for apps you absolutely cannot live without, because they were never designed for the Blackberry platform (they are native Android apps, after all) there may be lots of bugs and performance issues. This option is particularly useful for anyone that’s switched over from the Android platform to Blackberry 10- it offers a more seamless integration with apps you originally used on your Android. With the Q10, you might run into some design issues because the display is smaller but most everything should still work. You can check out our useful sideloading guide here to learn how to do this.

Start Snapping Some Photos

The Blackberry 10 Camera App "Rewind" Feature

The Blackberry 10 Time Shift camera is phenomenal. You’ll never realize just how amazing it is though, until you start actually using it. Get out there and start snapping some photos with your device! Get the perfect family picture, snap some great environment shots or even take a walk around town to capture the perfect image. The beauty of smartphones is that while not all of us are photographers by trade, we can snap some truly amazing stuff just with our smartphones in hand. The Blackberry Q10 is no exception to that rule, so get snapping!

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